Sankarshana is a sacred stone whose wheels are united and whose back is excellent, by which Lord Balarama brings joy to the householders. Narayana + Nila Shakti lead to c) ego Sanskarsana (Tamas). Sesha is also an avatar of the Supreme God[1] known as Sankarshan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shesha The second name is Sankarshana. Sankarshana is the One, who at the time of Pralaya (the Great Dissolution), absorbs within Himself the entire Cosmos. He is the One who ends all sorrow and confers all happiness. The Sankarshana principle is the one, which removes misery and confers joy. Shankarshana should not be regarded merely as Balarama, the son of Revathi (the elder wife of Vasudeva). Sankarshana represents the Divine attribute of eliminating grief and giving happiness, removing mental agitation and conferring peace, destroying weakness of spirit and instilling fortitude. This is no ordinary attribute. It is a Divine quality, which is present in every human being. http://www.eaisai.com/baba/docs/d890407.html