Aniruddha is a yellow, beautiful, circular stone delightful to the house-holders, associated with Shiva. Cited from website Tulasi. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary aniruddha mfn. unobstructed , ungovernable , self-willed m. a spy , a secret emissary (?) the son of Pradyumna (a form of Kama , and husband of Usha) ; Siva N. of an Arhat (contemporary of Sakyamuni) of a descendant of Vrishni ; ({am}) n. the rope for fastening cattle Aniruddha, the third, refers to one who has a unique quality. He confers this quality---Sampada (wealth)-on whoever prays to Him. He is the Lord who confers both material and spiritual benefits on those who adore Him. In this aspect, He shines through His effulgence. This illumination is not derived from outside. He Himself is the source of His light and also the light that illumines everything. This principle of Aniruddha is essential for every human being. http://www.eaisai.com/baba/docs/d890407.html