7 Oceans

Along with the 7 Islands, 7 Oceans surround Mount Meru which are made of 7 liquids: 1. Uvarodu Karumbu 2. Madhu ney 3. Tayir 4. Paal 5. Punal 6. maa kadal ezhena 7. vagutthanar pulavar Oceans of salt water, sugar cane juice, ghee, curds, milk, intoxicating liquid and potable water. These regions are surrounded by seven oceans and their names are Lavana, Ikshu, Sura, Sarpi, Dadhi, Dugdha and Jala. http://www.gita-society.com/?html=hindu_puran&vs=04 saptasAgara n. N. of a Linga {-dAna} n. gift of the 7 oceans , a partic. valuable gift (represented by 7 vases with 7 different contents) {-prAdAnikA} f. {-mahAdAna-prayoga} m. {-mAhAtmya} n. N. of wks. or chs. of wks. ; {-mekhala} mf({A}) n. girded by the 7 oceans (the earth) -vidhi} m. = {-ra-dAna} Cat.

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