7 Islands

There are 4, 7 or 13 Dvipas which are related to the 9 Varshas. The 7 Dvipas are called the Sapta Dvipa: The 7 Islands and the 7 Oceans surround Mount Meru. 7 great land masses and islands 7 Holy Islands The concentric islands are: Jambudvipa Plakasadvipa Salmalidvipa Kushadvipa Krounchadvipa Shakadvipa Pushkaradvipa Sapta-Duipa (seven holy islands) There are 7 great land masses and islands of the world, the Dveepaas: 1. Jamboo Dweepam 2. Plaksha Dweepam 3. Krouncha Dweepam 4. Saalmali Dweepam 5. Pushkara Dweepam 6. Kusa Dweepam 7. Saaka Dweepam. The earth is divided into seven regions (dvipas). Their names are Jambudvipa, Plakshadvipa, Shalmaladvipa, Kushadvipa, Krounchadvipa, Shakadvipa and Pushkaradvipa. Cited from Website: Brahm Purana

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