There are at least 185 Sanskrit Terms for Space (q.v.), including,:
a) Desh as one of the 7 Places
b) Dik also related to Direction
c) Akasha linked with the Sky and Heaven
d) Nada linked with creation.
e) Ambara as in Chidamabaram

In Greek, Space is one of the 10 Accidents (Aristotle). In Perreault\\\'s approach space related to Ordinal Relations. In Dahberg\\\'s approach space realtes to Dimensions. In Ranganathan\\\'s Colon Classification Space is the S of PMEST.

In the Tarot, Space is the second of 10 elements.

In the SUMS system , three of these 10 accidents, namely Space, Position and Place relate to Where? in our 6 Questions.
In the SUMS Study Mode and Research Mode, Space is reflected in Choices 08. Space.
In Research Mode we use a Space-Time Horizon in SUMS as part of (Strategies) 09. Relations to distinguish between Universals and Particulars.

Space, Time, Mass, Force, Energy, Momentum