Mind, prana, vaak

Mind, prana, vaak Mind, prana and vaak generate knowledge, action and matter respectively. According to Vedic principles, the three co-exist. The power that causes change is called force. The force that contributes positively to the increase of knowledge, action and matter is known as veerya (energy). Since the soul is all pervading and every soul has mind, prana and vaak, veerya is a characteristic of the soul. Veerya is of three types - Brahm, Kshatra and Vid. That which leads the soul to a divine state and the mind to knowledge is known as a Brahm Veerya. Its abundance gives rise to ascetic fervour, learning and intellect. That which brings about the heroic temperament promotes action in the prana division and imparts vigour, divine majesty, valour, zest, glory, etc. is called Kshatra Veerya. That which encourages the animal spirit and promotes an inclination in the vaak division for wealth or riches of the external world is known as Vid Veerya. It gives rise to the forces of commerce, finance, etc. http://www.iouedu.com/index.php?Itemid=121&id=161&option=com_content&task=view

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