Tarot and Grail

Links between Path, Tarot, Grail and Image according to Jack Courtis: PATH TAROT GRAIL IMAGE 15 Emperor Uther Pendragon Rod 16 Hierophant Blaise Triple Crown 17 Lovers Launcelot/Guinevere Winged Heart 18 Chariot Taliesin Maze 19 Justice Arthur Siege Perilous 20 Hermit Joseph of Arimathea Flowering Staff 22 Strength Bors Sword 24 Death Green Knight Waste Land 25 Temperance Galahad Sword in Stone 26 Devil Klingsor Skull 28 Star Dindraine Blood 29 Moon Nimue Spindle He also links the 4 elements, the 4 symbols of the grail, tarot and 4 beasts linked with the 4 Evangelists: Fire Air Water Earth Spear Sword Cup Dish Staff Sword Cup Pentagram Lion Angel Eagle Bull Today a few decks exist such as The Arthurian Tarot and the Merlin Tarot which associate Tarot directly with the Grail legends. http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~rl162796/northcity/thomas.html#thornborrow

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