Devil Terms

Devil is linked with: Tarot Trump Card 15 Sephiroth path 26 Hebrew Letter Ayin Eye Capricorn Mirth (S) The Teutonic words devil, teufel, diuval, djofull, djevful, may all be traced back to the Zend dev....When Zarathustra overthrew the primeval Aryan nature-worship in Bactria, this name met the same evil fate which in early Christian times overtook the word demon, and from a symbol of reverence became henceforth a symbol of detestation.[98] But throughout the rest of the Aryan world it achieved a nobler career, producing the Greek theos, the Lithuanian diewas, the Latin deus, and hence the modern French Dieu, all meaning God. Cited from Website: Light and Darkness The Devil, or Prince of Darkness, king over all, combines in himself features of all five species of devil, namely demon, lion, eagle, fish and dragon. He is treated sometimes as the personification of Matter, sometimes as its chief manifestation. http://www.farvardyn.com/mani1.php devil: дьявол, черт, демон

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