5 Organs of Sense

The 5 organs of sense are the equivalent in India of the 5 senses. The difference is that in India that the senses have a specific sequence of development and are linked with the 5 elements (Panchamahabuta) in a specific way:
1) Ether Sound Sabda Rupa (Form of Sound)
2) Air (Vayu) Touch Parsharupa (form that is felt)
3) Fire (Agni) Sight Vayurinath (deriving from Vayu)
4) Water Taste Rasrupta (sense of taste)
5) Earth Smell Gandarupa (sense of smell)
These 5 Organs of sense combine with the 5 organs of action to form the 10 senses of perception.
In the system of 36 tattvas these 5 organs of sense become Tattvas 17 to 21. The Five Faculties of Perception (Jnanendriyas). The ears and hearing the skin and feeling The eyes and seeing The tongue and tasting The nose and smelling

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