Tri Bindu

Para Bindu creates the three Gunas, it becomes Tri Bindu. On this level Shakti is said to have three eyes, which by themselves are symbolized by Sun, Moon and Fire. It is said that these three Bindus are the light sources which make possible perception in the three worlds. It is also significant that Sun, Moon and Fire later become representative for the three nadis in the spine: Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. The three bindus, collectively known as Kamakala (digit of sexual desire), are the root potential of sun, moon and fire. It is like sun and moon coming together in an eclipse, or the seed from which the plant human being grows The baindava of the chakra has a triple form, dharma, adharma and atma, and matri, meya and prama. The chakra of nine yonis is the great mass of consciousness bliss and is the ninefold chakra and the nine divisions of the mantra. Karya >Bindu Nada Bija produce Siva Siva-Shakti Shakti connected with: Will, Knowledge, Action Bija Nada Bindu Vama Jyestha Raudri Brahma Vishnu Rudra http://www.shivashakti.com/tripura.htm
Some Tantras differentiate between mahâ-nâda (also called nâda-anta) and nirodhinî, which is transmuted into bindu. This is also called tri-bindu because it is subdivided into nâda, bindu, and bîja. In this case, the nâda is correlated with shiva, the bindu with shakti, and the bîja with both Shiva and Shakti. The ultimate Reality itself can be viewed as a point origin, and as such is sometimes referred to as para-bindu or transcendental germinal point.