7 Lower Worlds

In India the seven lower worlds are variosuly named:

Cologne Sanskrit Dictioanry:
saptapAtAla n. the 7 Patalas or regions under the earth (viz. {atala} , %{vit-} , {sut-} ,%{rasAt-} ,%{talAt-} , {mahAt-} and {pAtAla}
RTL. 102) Ra1jat.

1. Patala
2. Atala
3. Rasatala
4. Mahatala
5. Talatala
6. Vitala
7. Sutala

There are seven more worlds under the earth, which are the abode of Asuras, Rakshasas, Serpents and Yakhshas. These underworlds are:
1. Atalam
2. Vitalam
3. Nitalam
4. Gabhastimaan
5. Sutalam
6. Paataalam.
Contrary to the popular misconception, these worlds below are beautiful and enchanting, where the Sun shines without scorching and everything is pleasant. In fact, Sri Narada, returning to heaven after a trip to the Paataala lokam, is said to have remarked that the latter was much more beautiful than the former, according to Sri Vishnu Puranam. (It is interesting to note that even according to the Islamic tradition, the number of Earths is seven).