Tattva 04: Ishvara

Ishvara Tattva or Bindu Tattva: consiousness starts to exteriorize itself. The I starts to see the That (=the universe) as different from itself although also a part of itself. Here we still can speak of Bindu, the Point, as consciousness identifies itself with the universe, but the universe is still unmanifested. With living beings, this Bindu is situated in the sahasrara chakra. Here we talk about the opening of the eyes, as one starts to observe the observed; or the closing of the eyes when consciousness retreats and observation ceases. Here the seed of creation of the universe is produced. Shiva-Shakti will become Shiva and Shakti. Together they form the Tri-Bindu, that is Bindu becomes a trinity of Bindu (Point), Nada (Sound=Aum) and Bija (seed-mantra). Tri-Bindu creates the subtle body of the Kundalini-Shakti. Quoted from Website Tantra Cosmology