13 Forms of Agni

These then lead to 13 agni related to Jatharagni Jataragni Intestines 1 Dhatagni 7 Dhatus Bhutagni 5 Pancha Mahabhutas The thirteen digestive fires a) The central digestive fire (jatharagni): This is located from the mouth to the anus and is present throughout the gastro-intestinal tract. Its main function is to help digest complex foods to a simple form known as ‘ahara rasa’, the food essence. It is of four types; visham - irregular, tikshana -intense, manda - sluggish and sama - balanced (see below) b) Five elemental fires (bhutagni): These are the metabolic fires which digest the ‘elements’. They act on the food essence to release the five elements contained in food; Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. The bhutagni exist in the liver. c) Seven tissue fires (dhatu agni): These are specific ‘enzymes’ that help to transform the unstable tissue portion that helps to build the tissues. These are the seven tissues of the body that give it material structure; skin, blood, muscle, adipose tissue, bones, nerve tissue, reproductive tissue. http://whatreallyworks.co.uk/start/AyurvedicZone.asp?article_ID=875