Aditi Terms

Aditi (means Limitless, Unbounded by Time in Sanskrit); is 1 of 100 daughters of Daksha. Aditi is the wife of the sage Kashyapa, mother of the Devas also called the Adityas. Aditi also means cow, milk, speech, earth, heaven and earth. Aditi is said to have given birth to 8 Adityas, 7 of whom she gave to the gods, and they became different planets. The eighth one, named Martand, was thought dead and was cast away. It became the Sun of the present solar system. The Puranic stories mention the Sun (Vivaswan) to be married to Tvastri (Sanjna), daughter of the celestial architect Tvastra or Vishwakarma. But she was unable to bear his effulgence, so having left her shadow, Chhaya, to look after him she went to her father, who sheared much of the Suns radiance. From the fragments thus chipped off, the discus of Vishnu, the trident of Shiva, the weapons of Kubera, the lance of Kartikeya and such other deadly weapons of several other gods were formed. See Website Aryabhatt under Aditi

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