Aryaman Terms

In Vedic times, Aryaman is the god of contracts and unions. These attributes are also important to Mithra -- whose name means contract. He is one of the 3, 6 7 or 12 Adityas. He becomes Airyaman in Iran. 2. Aryaman (generous, nobility) Mercury Aryama Cologne Sanksrit Dictionary aryaman {A} m. a bosom friend , play-fellow , companion , (especially) a friend who asks a woman in marriage for another N. of an Aditya (who is commonly invoked together with Varuna and Mitra , also with Bhaga , Brihaspati , and others ; he is supposed to be the chief of the Manes the milky way is called his path [{aryamNaHpanthAH} he presides over the Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni his name is used to form different male names the sun the Asclepias plant 11 AryamaNa mf({I})n. relating or belonging to Aryaman {I}) f. N. of the Yamuna aryaman (meaning a ‘bosom friend’, one of the important deities, the word being derived from a root meaning to ‘go straight’ or to ‘rise’ usually related to being honourable Cited from website Indian star names.

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