25,920 is one of the classic numbers for a cycle of precession of the equinoxes. The traditional figure of 25,920 and its various factors appear repeatedly in calculations of Cosmic Ages, Aeons, and Eras. And in this ‘Great Year’ there are reckoned 360 ‘Days’ of 72 years, and 12 ‘Months’ of 2,160 years. 25,920 is the number of years in a precessional cycle, and it is the number of (double) minutes in a Sumerian year. 2,160 is the number of (double) minutes in a month of 30 days, and the number of hours in a Sumerian season; and it is the number of (4 second) breaths taken in a day. 72 x 5 = 360 (72)2 x 5 = 25,920 The Babylonian priest Berossos (c. 280 BC) listed Ten antediluvian Patriarchs who reigned for a total of 432,000 years, and he gave the total period from Creation to Dissolution as 2,160,000 years. The number 36,000 is associated with three of the kings, and it is the number of days in an ideal life of 100 years. There are 1,200 months in the same period. Five kings have ages that are multiples of 10,800 (4 x 10,800 = 43,200, and 6 x 10,800 = 64,800). http://www.geocities.com/sarabhanga/yuga.html

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