Vastu is one one of the 8 sons of Dharma and Vasu. Vasu + Angirasi: son: great architect Visvakarma. Visvakarma + Akrit: Manu named Cakshusha was born. The sons of Manu were known as Visvadevas and Sadhyas. vastu 1 f. becoming light , dawning , morning in the morning ; {vastor@vastoH} , every morning 2 vastu 2 n. the seat or place of (see {kapila-} , %{vraNa-v-}) ; any really existing or abiding substance or essence , thing , object , article (also applied to living beings (in phil.) the real (opp. to{a-v-}, that which does not really exist , the unreal a-dvitIya-v-} , the one real substance or essence which has no second the right thing , a valuable or worthy object , object of or for (comp.) goods , wealth , property (cf. {-vinimaya} and {-hAni}) ; the thing in question matter , affair , circumstance subject , subject-matter , contents , theme (of a speech &c.) , plot (of a drama or poem) (in music) a kind of composition Samgit.; natural disposition , essential property W. ; the pith or substance of anything W. 3 vastu 1. 2 see pp. 931 and 932. 4 vAstu n. the site or foundation of a house , site , ground , building or dwellingplace , habitation , homestead , house an apartment , chamber N. of one of the 8 Vasus of a Rakshasa Cat N. of a river the pot-herb Chenopodium Album L. ; a kind of grain (cf. {-maya}).

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