Soma Cups

Prapathaka 4. The Soma cups The making ready of the Soma 2. The Upançu cup 3. The Antaryama cup 4. The cup for Indra and Vayu 5. The cup for Mitra and Varuna 6. The cup for the Açvins 7. The cup for the Açvins 8. The Çukra and Manthin cups 9. The Çukra and Manthin cups 10. The Agrayana cup 11. The Agrayana cup 12. The Ukthya cup 13. The Dhruva cup 14. The Seasonal cups 15. The cup for Indra and Agni 16. The cup for the All-gods 17. The cup for the Maruts 18. The cup for the Maruts 19. The cup for the Maruts 20. The cup for Mahendra 21. The cup for Mahendra 22. The cup for the Adityas 23. The cup for Savitr 24. The cup for Savitr 25. The cup for Savitr 26. The cup for the All-gods 27. The cup for Agni with the wives of the gods 28. The cup for the yoker of the bays 29. The supplementary cup for Agni 30. The supplementary cup for Indra 31. The supplementary cup for Sarya 32. The fire ritual 33. The fire ritual 34. The fire ritual 35. The horse sacrifice 36. The horse sacrifice 37. The Sodaçin cup 38. The Sodaçin cup 39. The Sodaçin cup 40. The Sodaçin cup 41. The Sodaçin cup 42. The Sodaçin cup 43. The Daksina offerings 44. The Samistayajus offerings 45. The concluding bath 46. The special sacrifices http://www.politicalgateway.com/documents/religions/yajurvedacontents.html Upâmsu and Antaryâma cups (IV, 1, 1 and 2), which must always be drawn first, he draws the Aindravâyava cup (IV, 1, 3) and so on. The same order is preserved on the fifth, eighth, and last three days. On the fourth and ninth days, on the other hand, he follows up the Upâmsu and Antaryâma by the grahas of the third pressing, beginning with the Âgrayana http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/sbr/sbe26/sbe2668.htm