Prajapati 10: Narada

Narada is one of the 10 Prajapatis. He was born from the lap of Brahma. narada see {narada}. 2 narada m. N. of a Bra1hman Lalit. m. or n. (prob.) = {nalada} g. {kizarAdi}. 3 nArada or {nArada} m. N. of a Rishi (a Kanva or Kasyapa , author of RV. viii , 13 ; ix , 104 as a Devarshi often associated with Parvata and supposed to be a messenger between gods and men among the 10 Praja1-patis as a son of Brahma in later mythology he is a friend of Krishna and is regarded as inventor of the Vina or lute ; in ep. poetry he is called a Deva-gandharva or a Gandharva-raja or simply Gandharva) of a son of Visva-mitra of one of the 24 mythic. Buddhas of sev. men Lalit of sev. authors of a mountain {A}) f. the root of sugar-cane mf({I})n. relating to Narada , composed by him