Prajapati 06: Kratu

Kratu is one of the 10 Prajapatis. kratu m. (1. {kR} , or 2. {kR}) , plan , design , intention , resolution , determination , purpose desire , will (instr. {kratvA} , willingly , readily ekenakratunA} , through the mere will power , ability deliberation , consultation intelligence , understanding (e.g. {bhadra4kratu} right judgment , good understanding ; also in conjunction or in comp. or ifc. with {dakSa} see {kratu-dakSau} and {dakSakratU}) inspiration , enlightenment a sacrificial rite or ceremony , sacrifice (as the Asva-medha sacrifice) , offering , worship (also personified Kratu as intelligence personified (as a son of Brahma and one of the Praja-patis or the seven or ten principal Rishis married to Kriya and father of 60 ,000 Valikhiyas husband of Haya-sira , N. of one of the Visve-devas of a son of Krishna of a son of Uru and Agneyi of the author of a Dharma-sastra ({us}) m. or f. (?)N. of a river in Plaksha-dvipa (v.l. {kramu}) [cf. {a-} , {adbhuta-} , {abhi4-}

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