1 Manvantara

1 Manvantara = 306,720,000 human years. 71+9/16 Human 4-yug period = 1 Manvantar (present Manvantar is the 7th) http://www.geocities.com/mahaabhaarat/glossary/time2.htm Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary manvantara n. the period or age of a Manu (it comprises about 71 {mahA-yugas} [q.v.] , which are held equal to 12, 000 years of the gods or 4,320,000 human years or 1/14th of a day of Brahma [787,1] ; each of these periods is presided over by its own special Manu [see {manu} , p. 784 , col. 2] ; six such Manv-antaras have already elapsed , and the 7th , presided over by Manu Vaivasvata , is now going on ; 7 more are to come , making 14 Manv-antaras , which together make up one day of Brahma) A}) f. N. of various festivals (of the 10th day of the light half of the month Ashadha , of the 8th in the dark half of the same month , and of the 3rd in the light half of Bhadra) Col. ; {-ra-varNana} n. N. of ch. of MatsyaP