Moksa (Spirituality/Liberation) is one of the 4 Ayanas linked with the 4 Padas. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mokSa m. (ifc. f. {A}) emancipation , liberation , release from (abl. , rarely gen. or comp.) MBh. Kav. &c. release from worldly existence or transmigration , final or eternal emancipation Up. Mn. MBh. &c. (IW. 39) ; death L. ; N. of partic. sacred hymns conducive to final emancipation Ya1jn5. ; (in astron.) the liberation of an eclipsed or occulted planet , the last contact or separation of the eclipsed and eclipsing bodies , end of an eclipse Suryas. VarBrS. falling off or down Kum. VarBrS. (cf. {garbha-}) effusion VarBr2S. ; setting free , deliverance (of a prisoner) Gaut. ; loosing , untying (hair) Megh. settling (a question) Kathas. acquittance of an obligation , discharge of a debt (cf. {riNa-}) shedding or causing to flow (tears , blood &c.) MarkP. Susr. casting , shooting , hurling MBh. Ka1v. Pur. strewing , scattering Kum. Kathas. utterance (of a curse) R. relinquishment , abandonment Kathas. N. of the Divine mountain Meru L. Schrebera Swietenioides L.