10 Wholesome Acts

The 10 wholesome Acts are: 1. avoidance of killing, extending to the releasing of captured living creatures, to prevent their slaughter; 2. avoidance of stealing and adherence to the generosity of giving; 3. avoidance of adultery and adherence to a pure life; 4. avoidance of lying and 5. conversely, (that is, to not stir up gossip among others) and, when possible, to mediate in a quarrel; 6. avoidance of filthy language (no dirty or obscene words) and, dedication to engage in Dharma talk and praise; 7. avoidance of coarse language and, instead, to speak in a soft tone and advise wrongdoers to practice goodness; 8. avoidance of greed, (towards fame, wealth, or lust); 9. avoidance of anger (even when one encounters adversity) and, conversely to always have a compassionate heart; 10. avoidance of delusion, that is, to practice the right Buddha Dharma, understand the law of Karma, and avoid devious paths.

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