16 Realms of Fine Material World

The 16 Realms are a subset of the 31 Realms or Planes of Existence. These 16 realms subdivide into four Jhana planes; 7 Fourth Jhana Planes 3 Thrid Jhana Planes 3 Second Jhana Planes 3 First Jhana Planes Cited from website: 31 Planes of Existence Rupa Loka or the 16 realms of the Fien Material World includes: (27)Peerless devas (akanittha deva) These are the five Pure Abodes (suddhavasa), which are accessible only to non-returners (anagami) and arahants. Beings who become non-returners in other planes are reborn here, where they attain arahantship. Among its inhabitants is Brahma Sahampati, who begs the Buddha to teach Dhamma to the world (SN 6.1). Fourth jhana. See, for example, AN 4.123. (26)Clear-sighted devas (sudassi deva) (25)Beautiful devas (sudassa deva) (24)Untroubled devas (atappa deva) (23)Devas not Falling Away (aviha deva) (22)Unconscious beings (asa

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