11 Realms of Sensuous World

These 11 planes are part of 31 realms or planes of existence (1-11) and subdivide into:
7 Happy Sensuous Planes
4 Lower Planes of Woe

In another classification, the first 6 realms become the 6 Dharma Realms.

Cited from 31 Planes of Existence, 11 Realms of Sensuous World (Kama Loka)

(11)Devas Wielding Power over the Creation of Others (paranimmita-vasavatti deva) These devas enjoy sense pleasures created by others for them. Mara, the personification of delusion and desire, lives here.

(10)Devas Delighting in Creation (nimmanarati deva) These devas delight in the sense objects of their own creation.
(9)Contented devas (tusita deva) A realm of pure delight and gaiety. Bodhisattas abide here prior to their final human birth. This is where the bodhisatta Maitreya (Metteya), the next Buddha, is said to dwell.
(8)Yama devas (yama deva) These devas live in the air, free of all difficulties.
(7)The Thirty-three Gods (tavatimsa deva) Sakka, a devotee of the Buddha, presides over this realm. Many devas dwelling here live in mansions in the air.
(6)Devas of the Four Great Kings (catumaharajika deva) Home of the gandhabbas, the celestial musicians, and the yakkhas, tree spirits of varying degrees of ethical purity. The latter are analogous to the goblins, trolls, and fairies of Western fairy tales.
(5)Human beings (manussa loka) You are here (for now).

Rebirth as a human being is extraordinarily rare (SN 56.48). It is also extraordinarily precious, as its unique balance of pleasure and pain (SN 35.135) facilitates the development of virtue and wisdom to the degree necessary to set one free from the entire cycle of rebirths.

States of Deprivation (apaya)
(4)Asuras (asura) The demons ? titans ? that dwell here are engaged in relentless conflict with each other. ? Ten unwholesome actions (MN 10)
(3) Hungry Shades/Ghosts (peta loka) Ghosts and unhappy spirits wander hopelessly about this realm, searching in vain for sensual fulfillment.
Read Ajaan Lee\\\\\\\'s colorful description of this realm.

(2) Animals (tiracchana yoni) This realm includes all the non-human forms of life that are visible to us under ordinary circumstances: animals, insects, fish, birds, worms, etc. ? Ten unwholesome actions (MN 10)
? Lack of virtue, holding to wrong views. If one is generous to monks and nuns, however, one may be reborn as an ornamented animal (i.e., a bird with bright plumage; a horse with attractive markings, etc.; AN 10.177).

(1) Hell (niraya)


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