19 Mental States

There are 19 Primary, Pure Mental States: primary (in every lofty consciousness) 1. Confidence (saddhā) 2. Mindfulness (sati) 3. Moral shame (hiri) 4. Moral dread (ottappa) 5. Generous (alobha) 6. Hatelessness (adosa) 7. Equanimity (tatramajjhattatā) 8. Tranquillity of mental factors (kāya-passaddhi) 9. Tranquillity of consciousness (citta-passaddhi) 10. Agility or lightness of mental factors (kāya-lahutā) 11. Agility or lightness of consciousness (citta-lahutā) 12. Elasticity of mental factors (kāya-mudutā) 13. Elasticity of consciousness (citta-mudutā) 14. Adaptability of mental factors (kāya-kamma