7 Notes

There are seven notes or Swaras in music: 1. Shadjam 2. Rishabham 3. Gaandhaaram 4. Madhyamam 5. Panchamam 6. Daivatam 7. Nishaadam. It is the innumerable permutations and combinations of these seven Swaras that take the form of delightful music, which enthralls us. These seven swaras in turn originate from the three basic swaras of the Shruti. viz., Udaattam, Anudaattam and Swaritam. Cited from Website: The Sacred Seven Each shuddha swara (i.e., Sa, Re/Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha/Da, and Ni) is traditionally held to have originated in the sound of a different animal, and some have additional meanings of their own. Cited from Webisite: Wiki: Swara

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