3 Phases of Day Terms

The 3 Phases of the Day are:
1. Morning
2. Midday or Noon
3. Evening
These are personified as 3 children of Kalpa and Prabha:
1. Morning Pratar
2. Midday Madhyamdina
3. Evening Saya
These 3 Phases are also linked with 3 Gods:
1. Morning Brahma
2. Midday Vishnu
3. Evening Siva
or linked with specific functions:
1. Morning Brahmarupen Creator of day
2. Midday Vishnurupen Preserver by providing food
3. Evening Maheshrupen Destroyer of day
This leads to further notions of 3 gods which are linked with
3 Times of Day
3 Steps and by extension to:
3 Ages
3 Generations
3 Phases of Time and to a number of Trinities, Triads and combinations of 3.
Division of a day: About the division of a day three methods are noted: yamam, vaigarai and kalai (Silpppatikaram.4.77-84). Kalai, nanpagal, erpadu, malai, yamam and vaigarai. Kalai, pagal, malai, yamam and vidiyal (Tolkappiyam). http://murugan.org/research/rao-zodiac.htm

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