51 Ganeshas and 51 Letters

The image of Ganesa illustrates the three realms. elephant, his body human, and his vehicle a mouse. These are three realms in one being. He is lord of obstacles in three ways. As elephant, his great strength can break barriers. As human, he can use his intelligence. As mouse, he can penetrate the smallest places. Every aspect of Shri Vidya may be understood in three ways -- gross, subtle, and supreme -- and so the meaning of things often remains uncertain unless you already know someone who has the key, or belong to the in group. http://www.religiousworlds.com/mandalam/tripura.htm Thirty-two names exist describing the unique features of Ganesh. South India is the main region where fifty-one names are given to Ganesh, every name representing a letter in the Sanskrit alphabet. The Litanies of Ganesh explains the qualities given to invoke the deity. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/279117/ganesh_hindu_lord_of_many_names.html The Rosary (Mala or Akshamala): This illustrates that the pursuit of knowledge should be continuous and never ending. The beads are made of fifty Rudra (This is the ancient Vedic deity of Storm and synonymous with Shiva). It equates to the fifty letters of Sanskrit alphabet, signifying sound and hearing. http://nayna.in/blog/divine-grace/the-powerful-elements-of-lord-ganesh-part-three/

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