Para-shiva exists as a septenary under the form: 1. Shambhu, who is the associate of time (kala-bandhu). From Him issues 2. Sada-shiva, Who pervades and manifests all things, and then come 3. Ishana and the triad, 4. Rudra 5. Vishnu 6. Brahma each with their respective Shakti (without whom they avail nothing) separately and particularly associated with the gunas, tamas, sattva and rajas. Of these Devas, the last triad, together with Ishana, and Sada-shiva, are the five Shivas who are collectively known as the Maha-preta, whose vija is Hsauh. Of the Maha-preta, it is said that the last four form the support, and the fifth the seat, of the bed on which the Devi is united with Parama-shiva, in the room of chintamani stone, on the jewelled island clad with clumps of kadamba and heavenly trees set in the ocean of Ambrosia. Rudra, Vishnu, Brahma, Ishana, Sadashiva

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