Enclosure 2 of Sri Yantra: Shodashal

2. Shodashal, 16 petals, 16 sacred vowels, divine feminine energy,Shakti Also called 16 petals: The whole mandala of 16 petals is called Fulfiller of Desire. The presiding form of the Lalita is Tripureshi. Her vidya is Aim Klim Sauh. She is described as ornamented with all gems, carrying a book and a rosary. The 16 yoginis in this mandala are associated with the attainment of desires by the cultivation or strengthening of power over mind, ego, sound, touch, sight, taste, smell, intellect, steadiness, memory, name, growth, etheric body, revivification, and physical body. They are described as the Nitya Kalas. Each holds a noose, a goad, pot full of nectar, and makes the sign of giving. They are very red.

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