Enclosure 4: Chaturdashar

4. Chaturdashar, 14 cornered figure, 14 letters of alphabet re: power Also called 14 triangles: This mandala is called The Cakra Bestowing All Good Fortune. The Yoginis are called Concealed by Tradition. The presiding form of the devi is Tripura Vasini. Her vidya is Haim Hklim Hsauh. She is very red and very beautiful. Fourteen shaktis of the triangles are associated with the chief nadis or currents of bioenergy. They are described as being proud, wanton, young, colour of cochineal, ornamented with gems, holding noose, goad, mirror, winecup full of nectar. They are the Akarshanis or Attractors. The gem is coral. The dhatu is blood. The time is weekday. The Mudra is called All Subjugating. The nature of the mandala is fire of sun.

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