Enclosure 5: Bahiradashar

Bahiradashar, 10 cornered figure, 10 vital breaths Also called outer 10 triangles: This mandala is called The Cakra Bestowing All Objects to the Sadhaka. The saktis are called the Kula Kaulas. The presiding aspect of Red Devi is Tripura Shri. Here, the goddess is as effulgent as 1000 rising Suns, adorned with celestial ornaments, with large rising breasts, holding book and rosary, dispelling fears and granting boons. The 10 shaktis in the triangles are described as having thrilled faces, holding noose and goad and adorned with various crystal and heavenly gems. These are the Yoginis of the 10 vital breaths. The gem is pearl. The dhatu is Ova/Semen. The time is Lunar Day (tithi). The Mudra is called the All Intoxicating with Love. The nature is sun of sun.