La la - yellow, the disk of the element of earth. 1 la 1 the 3rd semivowel (corresponding to the vowels {lR} , {lRR} , and having the sound of the English {l} a technical term for all the tenses and moods of a finite verb or for the terminations of those tenses and moods (also applied to some forms with {kRt} affixes construed like a finite verb and when accompanied by certain indicatory letters denoting each tense separately see {laT} ; {laG} ; {liG} ; {loT} ; {liT} ; {luT} ; {lRT}; {luG} ; {lRG} ; {leT}) P 2 la 2 m. N. of Indra L. ; cutting (cf. {lava}) W. ; ({lA}) f. see s.v. 3 la 3 (in prosody) = {laghu} , a short syllable. 4 lA 1 cl. 2. P. {lAti} (pf. {lalau}; aor. {alAsIt} ib. ; fut. {lAtA} , {lAsyati} Gr. ; ind. p. {lAtvA} Satr.) to take , receive , obtain to undertake , begin Campak. ; to give Dhatup. [Cf. Hind , {lenA}.] 5. the act of taking or giving Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary In the Octave Milky Way galaxy (LActea), La - the Îsoulâ energy which circulates within the body on a monthly basis. The relations of the elements in the chart determines the quality and degree of emphasis of each of the five energies. http://www.tibetan-astrology.net/article.html The symbol for LA refers to the yellow Earth circle around the mandala palace http://kalachakranet.org/kalachakra_tantra_10-fold_powerful.html

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