Va va - white, the disk of the element of water. Va व represents the Ocean, the Sky, the World, or Manifest Existence. And Va is a Cloth, a Weaver, or a Dwelling, and it also indicates Strong Motion (as an Arrow). See Website Pancakshara Mantra under Va va 2 va (only L.) m. air, wind ? the arm ? N. of Varuna ? the ocean, water ? addressing ? reverence ? conciliation ? auspiciousness ? a dwelling ? a tiger ? cloth ? the esculent √of the water-lily ? (ā), f. going ? hurting ? an arrow ? weaving ? a weaver (?). n. a sort of incantation or Mantra (of which the object is the deity Varuna) ? = pra-catas ? mfn. strong, powerful Lunar Aries Solar Scorpion Lunar Cancer Solar Leo http://murugan.org/research/rao-zodiac.htm http://students.washington.edu/prem/mw/v.html

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