Epiphany is a feast linked with the 3 Magi in the Christian Tradition. For in the East from an early time were associated with the feast of the Baptism of Christ commemorations of the physical birth, of the Star of the Magi, of the miracles of Cana, and of the feeding of the five thousand. The commemoration of the Baptism was also called by the Greek fathers of the 4th century the Theophany or Theophanies, and the Day of Lights, i.e. of the Illumination of Jesus or of the Light which shone in the Jordan. In the Teutonic west it has become the Festival of the three kings (i.e. the Magi), or simply Twelfth day. Leo the Great called it the Feast of the Declaration; Fulgentius, of the Manifestation; others, of the Apparition of Christ. http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/Feast_of_Epiphany

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