Blue Terms

Blue is one of the 3 primary colours. In India, Blue is one of the 4 colours of the lotus and linked with Manobhava and Strim as one of the 5 Forms of Kamadeva. In Japan, Blue is linked with one of the guardians of the night sky. In the Hebrew tradition Blue is linked with water, and Mem one of the 3 Mother letters. Manobhava Strim Blue In Egypt: There is also a theory that blue may have been symbolic of the Nile and represented fertility, because of the fertile soils along the Nile that produced crops. Because the god Amen (also spelled Amon or Amun) played a part in the creation of the world, he was sometimes depicted with a blue face; therefore, pharaohs associated with Amen were shown with blue faces also. In general, it was said that the gods had hair made of lapis lazuli. In a tomb painting of the Opening of the Mouth ceremony, depictions of both the mummy and Anubis are shown with blue hair. http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/colorcode.htm