10 Choirs of Angels

The 10 Choirs or Hosts of Angels are:
1. Chayoth ha-Qadesh Holy living Creatures Seraphim
2. Auphanim Wheels Kerubim
3. Aralim Strong and Mighty Thrones
4. Chashmalim Brilliant Ones Dominions, Dominations (Kyriotetes)
5. Seraphim Fiery Serpents, Flaming Ones Order of Powers (Exusiai)
6. Malachim Kings Virtues, angels and rulers (Dynameis)
7. Elohim Gods Principalities (Archai)
8. Beni Elohim Sons of God Archangels
9. Kerubim Strong Ones Angels
10. Ashim Souls of Fire Blessed Souls / Souls made perfect
These 10 choirs are sometimes linked iwth 10 Sephiroth.