10 Names of G-d

Ten Hebrew names of God linked with the 10 Sephiroth are: 1. Eheieh I am, I will be, I Become or I am that I am 2. Jehovah / Yah The Lord 3. Jehovah Elohim The Lord God or Lord of Gods 4. El God - The Mighty One 5. Elohim Gebor God of Battles or God Almighty 6. Jehovah Eloah Va Daath God Made Manifest in the Sphere of Mind or Lord God of all Knowledge 7. Jehovah Tzabaoth Lord of Hosts 8. Elohim Tzabaoth God of Hosts 9. Shaddai El Chai Almighty Living God or Almighty God of Life 10. Adonai Malekh The Lord who is King or Adonai ha-Aretz, Lord of the Earth

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