Tarakka On a star chart, the star α-Orionis can be joined with imaginary radiating lines to various other stars bright or culturally important stars, forming a starry pattern or inter-star in which α-Orionis/Rudra is at the center. Using the map and, wherever possible, the theodolite results, the monuments on the ground can likewise be joined by radial lines to the central Parasurameswar temple, which represents both Betelgeuse and Siva, creating a terrestrial image of the inter-star. Alhena y Gem Mukteshwar Hrutabhuk ElNath B Tauri Dhun Devi Kala Rohini Aldebaran A Tauri Gosahareshwar Kartikeya Bellatrix y Orionis Uttareshwar Parsum Procyon aCaMi Bramheshwar Rudra Betelgeuse aOrio Parasurameswar Banaraja Rigel BOrio Lingaraj Kartavirya Saiph xOrio Dakara Bibishani Lubdakha Sirius aCaMa Gouri Adhara eCaMa Madhyameswar Cited from: http://www.grahamhancock.com/forum/DBhattacharya1.php?p=9