In Sanskrit, Ta = 1 the 1st cerebral consonant (pronounced like {t} in {true} , but properly by keeping back the tip of the tongue and slightly turning it upwards). Cologne Sanskrit Dicitonary: 2 m. sound a dwarf a quarter , n. = {karaGka} L. ; ({A}) f. the earth an oath , confirming an assertion by ordeal Ta is also a letter in the Arabic alphabet with a numeric value of 9 like the Hebrew Teth and the Greek Theta. Ta also has a numeric value of 400 like the Hebrew Tau (tav) and the Greek Upsilon. ‘Taa’ is the sixteenth letter of the Arab alphabet. It represents number nine and belongs to the element of fire. In the esoteric texts of the Sufi masters this letter, taken in isolation, symbolizes divine holiness Cited from Website: Sufi glossary In Egypt, Ta means Earth cf. Tauy http://www.pyramide-reconstituee.com/pyramide/en/chapitre11.htm

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