Budha Names

Budha married Ila and was the father of Pururavas. Budha is wearer of gem-studded crown whose form gives delight to Guruguha born of illicit love affair between Chandra and Tara, Budha was cursed by Brhaspati and became neuter http://www.medieval.org/music/world/carnatic/lyrics/navagraha.html
Cologne Sanskrit Dicitonary: budha awaking (cf. uSar-budha intelligent , clever , wise a wise or learned man , sage god dog descendant of Soma (and hence also called saumya} , saumayana author of RV. x , 1 , and father of Pururavas identified with the planet Mercury Mercury (regarded as a son of Soma or the moon descendant of Atri and author of RV. son of Vegavat and father of Trina-bindu on a Wednesday Lord of Wisdom Budha Indra Vishnu Siva Sun Saturn Jupiter Intelligence Consciousness http://www.ece.lsu.edu/kak/vena.pdf
He wears a golden crown. He uses lion as his vehicle. Budha is endorsed with razor sharp intellect, which made Brahma to give him the name Budha. He is known to be proficient in all sciences. According to Bhagavata, planet Budha is at a distance of one lakh Yojanas from planet Shukra (one Yojana is equal to 11 kms). His chariot shines in white. This chariot is pulled by horses which match the speed of wind. These ten horses are swetha, pisanga, saaranga, neela, peetha, vilohitha, krishna, haritha, prusha and prushni. This is explained in Matsya Purana. Planet Budha is presided over by Vishnu. http://www.acharyaonline.com/buda.htm