Fig Tree

In In th Cologne Sanskrit Dictioanry there are 108 Sanskrit names for the Fig Tree.

In Botany, the Fig Tree is Ficus Religiosa.
This tree has a series of other names including Ashvattha, Banyan, Bodhi, and Peepal.

In Astronomy the Fig tree is linked with the Mansions of the moon (Nakashatras) 11-12.

Symbolically the tree is linked with the Buddha, the Tree of Life and with the World Tree. The Fig is one of 12 Sacred trees. It has connections also with the Sephiroth. With respect to the tree of Knowledge, Rabbi Nechemia says: It was a fig...

Related Species are Ficus Bengalensis, the Ficus Microcarpa and Ficus glomerata.

According to one Grecian tradition, Dionysius Sycetes was the discoverer of the fig tree; according to another, Demeter brought the first fig tree to Greece; a third tradition states that the fig tree grew up from the thunderbolt of Jupiter.
Dionysius is also linked with apple tree.

\"When you see the fig tree (Israel) and all the trees (Gentile believers in churches of all denominations) putting forth buds, (or reviving with new life), know that summer (or harvest time and the first resurrection) is nigh. This generation shall not pass away til all is fulfilled\" (Luke 21:30-32;


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