jyeSTha Jyeshtha and Brahma and his Shakti, whose form is the Moon and whose activity is desire. http://www.yoga-breathing.com/shiva-and-shakti/ Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mfn. (Pan2. 5-3 , 61) most excellent , pre-eminent , first , chief. best , greatest , (m.) the chief.=[e.g. {vacana-} , best in speech ; more excellent than (abl.) (in math. with {pada} or {mUla}) greatest (root [square root] extracted from the quantity operated upon) {-STha}) eldest , (m.) the eldest brother m. (scil. {ghaTa}) the ascending bucket (in a machine for raising water) {jyaiSTha} N. of a man n. what is most excellent N. of a Linga LingaP. i , 1 , 3 ; with {puSkara} see {-STha-p-} ; ({A4}) f. (g. {ajAdi}) the 16th (or accord. to modern reckoning 18th) lunar mansion (sacred to Indra) the eldest wife a preferred wife the 8th year in the Jupiter cycle of 12 years the middle finger a kind of stringed instrument ; misfortune (personified as the elder sister of Lakshmi, Padma f. a small house-lizard ind. most , extremely