Crater (cup) is linked with the constellation Corvus (Crow or Raven). Goblet of Apollo an old constellation which combined the stars of Crater with Corvus formed the Ark of the Convenant. The cup is sometimes also associated with Ganymede, the cup bearer to the gods It is said of Horus at Edfu, Thou didst put grapes into the water which cometh forth from Edfu´ . From that day forth the water of Edfu was called the water of grapes - that is, wine. So anciently was the metaphor of the gospel miracle founded on the natural fact. Uaka is a name of the inundation, and also of the festival at which the deluge of drink was symbolically celebrated by the libation that was correspondingly colossal. The vine was not only set in heaven to denote the vindemia or time for gathering the grapes, the overflow was also figured in the constellation Crater, or the Goblet, as a sign of the ´uaka´ that was held in Egypt when the land was full of water and the folks were full of wine. When the constellation Crater rose it showed that the urn or vase, an artificial type of the inundation, was overflowing with the waters that restored the drooping life of Egypt. At that time the Egyptians celebrated a feast in honour of Hathor, at which a deluge of drink flowed freely. It is frankly described in the inscriptions as ´the festival of intoxication´ , and was commemorated at Denderah in the month of Taht, the month of the year that opened with the inundation and the heliacal rising of Sothis. Various other fruits were ripe, including dates. Also water-melons were abundant. But Horus is the vine, whose advent was celebrated at the uaka festival with prodigious rejoicings and a deluge of drink of which the vine and cup, or mixing-bowl, were constellated as celestial symbols. The juice of the grape was the blood of Horus or Osiris in the Kamite eucharist. Hence the sacramental cup was figured in the constellation ´Crater´, the Goblet, or it may be the jar, from the Egyptian karau, a jar, the cup having two characters, one in the mythology and one in the eschatology. www.theosophical.ca/Book5AncientEgypt.htm

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