Hercules Terms

Hercules is said to mean glory of Hera.
Greek Herakles
Roman Hercules.
Hercules, which had in earlier times been identified as a stag Cited from website Wiki: Sagitta.
Hercules is also sometimes seen as the brother of Persephone. Cf. Website: Wiki: Cerberus
Hercules is claimed to come from Hari-Kulesa.i.e Vishnu the celestial constellation was a stranger. Thus, Hercules is the Greek name for Abhijit. This Vishnu Gayatri teaches that the Sun which is the significator of the individual soul (Microcosm) has the universal goal of and is constantly moving towards Narayana (Mahavisnu), the Creator and t http://srath.com/lessons/beginner/naksatra01.htm
constellation of Hercules, the legendary strong man of Greek mythology. In Celtic myths, however, he is renowned for things other than his strength and is principally a fertility god represented in such chalk figures as the long man of Willmington and the giant at Cerne Abbas. At Cerne, the giant is known as Helith; anthropologists claim a connection between Helith and Hercules with the figure being an earthly depiction of this god with his club http://www.lablit.com/article/341
The constellation contains the globular star cluster M13, barely visible to the naked eye but spectacular even in a small telescope. Hercules reaches its highest point in the evening sky in late July. http://www.answers.com/topic/hercules-in-astronomy
A human figure kneeling on one knee, holding a branch,the other foot over the head of Draco http://philologos.org/__eb-mazzaroth/203.htm
Melicerte Melqart Herakles Ercole

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