Black Terms

Black is one of the key colours. In India, Black is the colour of the stars Chitta, Swathi, and Poorvashada. Black plays a role in various combinations: 2: e.g. Black-White, Bleck-Red 3: e.g. Red, White, Black 4: e.g. Black is one of the Four colours in China. Black Tortoise North West Shelled 5: e.g. kRSNa, zveta , zukla , rohita. aruNa 6: e.g. 6 Colours (Egypt). In Egypt Black is called Khem or Kem. According to Eric Bredesen: Of this trinity, the Black is the most important. The Black is reality: existence, facticity, the supposed plenum, the set of others, the matrix — what I call the "Present Mother" and the “Baroque.” The Black’s attributes include passion, pain and pan(ness) as well as the cognate passivity, peace and patience. The White and the Red are rather ideal — and by this word I mean conceptual — in comparison. http://www.gravity.org/mythology/myth_iframe_all.html Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo

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