9 Stars

9 Stars (Jiuxing) Lo Shu (Luo Shu) is a magic square of 3 x 3 squares linked with cosmology. The basic configuration entails three rows of numbers. 4 9 2 3 5 7 8 1 6 This same set of numbers becomes the basis for Jiuxing or 9 Stars in what the West calls Ursa Maior. 1. Yibai White 2. Erhe Black 3. Sanbi Jade 4. Silu Green 5. Wuhuang Yellow 6. Liubai White 7. Qizi Red 8. Babai White 9. Yiuchi Purple Yibai, Erhe, Sanbi, Silu, Wuhuang, Liubai, Qizi, Babai, Yiuchi White, Black, Jade, Green, Yellow, White, Red, White, Purple Tan Wan Wu Qu Ju Men Zou Fu - You Bi Lu Cun Wen Qu Lian Zhen Po Jun Tan Wan, Wu Qu, Ju Men, Zou Fu - You Bi, Lu Cun, Wen Qu, Lian Zhen, Po Jun Ravenous Wolf, The Military, Gate Guard, Left Guardian - Right Guardian, The Mandarinate, The Scholars, Virtue, The Conquered Army

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