In India, Alcor is Arundhati the wife of Vasishta. In India, Alcor is also associated with Vata-Min In China, Alcor is the star Zuofu and linked with Babai. In Arabic, Alcor and Mizar are two stars in the big dipper associated with horse and rider. Alcor is said to mean black horse. Alcor is also said to mean lamb. By one account, the missing Pleiad ran off with Mizar, the middle handle star of the Big Dipper. cited for website. Alcor The middle star (really the two stars Mizar and Alcor) represents the daughter and son of al-Naash, the man in the coffin, who has been murdered by al-Jadi, the pole star. Other cultures, too, relate funeral processions to the Big Dipper. Cited from website. The Myths of Ursa Major In Viking mythology: constellation of Orion was called Orwandil and the bright star Rigel represented the foot of this giant. Once, when Orwandil was crying like a big baby because his toe was frostbitten, the god Thor broke off the frozen toe and threw it into the northern sky to become our little star Alcor. http://enews.coloradomtn.edu/index.cfm?method=c.artDetail&artID=1635 Suhel - Suha Canopus - Alcor Alcor - Mizar Horse - Rider