4 Phases of Day

In the Chinese system there are 4 times of day:
Midnight Morning Midday Evening
In the 4 Images (Sixiang) these are systematically linked with the 4 Seasons. Midnight, Morning, Midday, Evening
Khepri was soon seen as an aspect of the sun itself, in particular the sun at day break - when it "emerged" from the underworld. He was closely associated with Atum (the creator god), Nefertum (literally "young Atum" or "beautiful Atum") and Ra (who absorbed many of Atum´s attributes). Khepri was the emerging sun, Nefertum was the new born sun, Ra was the sun during the day, and Atum was the setting sun.
Khepri, Nefertum, Ra, Atum

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